Open Mouth, Insert Foot!!

We’ve all done it. You know, said something and then wish we could just reel it back into our mouth.  Maybe we offered an opinion when it wasn’t asked for. My fault is chiming in with my advise or commentary without having all the facts. Sometimes its just me trying to be funny, but then someone’s feelings end up getting hurt.

We’ve all had our words twisted as well. This can usually happen when it involves gossip, or what is truly talking behind someone’s back. You know, someone tells you something that happened to them because of someone else or maybe they tell you some problem that someone else is going through. I think its human nature to commiserate or listen to someone’s trouble and feel empathy for them. But then your advice or opinion on the matter gets back to the other half of the story. Then you learn that you didn’t get the whole, truthful story from the first person.

So I must learn to zip my lip and keep my advice or opinions to myself sometimes. To be more like my mother and just shake my head and occasionally say “oh my”. It isn’t always appropriate to speak your mind. Especially if the person isn’t a very close friend, but only an acquaintance or someone we know in passing or through someone else. Occasionally these people are truly looking for advice or someone to lend an ear. But more than likely they are just wanting to start a little trouble and want you on their “side”.

I have found this happening to me at work, at family gatherings, with friends, and now on Facebook. I get caught up in the chit chat and the next thing I know it has turned into true gossip. Some words of advice on posting on Facebook. The person posting doesn’t usually give you all the facts about other people they are talking about. Plus if you post or talk about facts and opinions about problems going on in your own life, they are no longer private. In case you didn’t know or weren’t aware Facebook is part of the world wide web, the internet highway, its a window to the world. If you post some personal problem or conflict, don’t be surprised when its repeated. That’s the way gossip works. So by hanging your personal issues out to dry in public you are simply giving fodder to the old rumor mill. So think before you say it and before you click the post button. It doesn’t matter what you privacy settings are. We live in a really small world.

I have this little talk with myself from time to time and more often than I would like to admit. Sometimes it really is hard to keep my mouth shut and my opinion to myself. I have to be honest with you. I don’t need any help finding trouble. Trouble seems to find me very easily.

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