The Day the Jelly Turned

This has been the year of revelations for me. The year my heart was split open and everything that I’ve packed away and shut the door on came tumbling out. Some of it was just too much. But the reality is I’m nothing special. I find it curative to open myself up to those I’mContinue reading “The Day the Jelly Turned”


This post might deal with a difficult subject for some. So before I start let me say this If you or someone you know is going through something difficult, or struggling with thoughts of suicide or self-harm, you’re not alone. Helplines can provide free, confidential and immediate support.   Call National Suicide Prevention Lifeline (1-800-273-8255) DarknessContinue reading “Darkness”

My Skin Will Never Be Black

I worked with an older black woman for about 6 years. She was the same age as my mother. We became friends, I would consider us good friends. We still keep in touch. During the down times at work, she and I would have long conversations.We talked about our lives, our outlooks, politics, and sharedContinue reading “My Skin Will Never Be Black”

Alzheimer’s Christmas Visit

My family, like lots of other families, began learning about Alzheimer’s this past year. My mother is most fortunate to have a tight knit family that surrounds her. She has had her ups and downs this year. But the downs have been few, but they can be intense. My sweet sister is in a positionContinue reading “Alzheimer’s Christmas Visit”

Telling Your Story.

After writing my nine day post on my first marriage, I have had a lot of feedback.  The majority of the feedback has been very positive.  I’m glad that I took the time to tell this story.  I was hoping for a feeling of release.  But the feelings of sadness and failure are still there. Continue reading “Telling Your Story.”

Life with John Hudgins – My Final Chapter (for now)

There is so much that I did not write about when I decided to share this story.  I had wanted to write about my experience with John for years.  I knew that it would run long and that’s why I decided to do a series on “The Frank Diary of Anna”.  More than one personContinue reading “Life with John Hudgins – My Final Chapter (for now)”