Yes! Another Birthday Blog

Well, I wasn’t going to do it. It’s sort of cliche to do a birthday blog. Especially if you’ve neglected your blog for so long. But here it is, my birthday blog. I guess it’s just normal to reflect as your birthday approaches. Especially as you get older. People have always said that time fliesContinue reading “Yes! Another Birthday Blog”

Rethinking my thinking

Today I’m spending the day with mom. We spent some time at the Texas Department of Public Safety getting her a state issued identification card and she surrendered her drivers license. She quit driving years ago so that was really no big deal. Then we decided to go shopping. She says to me “I needContinue reading “Rethinking my thinking”

Looking back at 20 from 50

After spending the day with my Mom on Friday I suddenly realized that my mother is reaching the juncture of retired go getter grandma and veering into elderly matriarch.  I, on the other hand, am well advanced into mature, self sufficient, bitch stage. Bitch can be a bitter insult or a flattering compliment.  It allContinue reading “Looking back at 20 from 50”