What Make Me Happy

Life is short. Each day that rolls by rolls by faster than the day before. I’ve learned to not dwell on the negative. I would much rather be happy than anything else. People will always disappoint you at some point, the lesson is not to take it personally. Life is full of good things, very good things. They don’t have to be big things. They only have to be things that make you smile.

30 Things That Make Me Happy

  1. A text from my husband
  2. My mother’s smile
  3. Hearing someone say “Hello Aunt Kathy!”
  4. A hug (from most anyone)
  5. Making eye contact
  6. Listening to someone’s life story
  7. A telephone call for no particular reason
  8. Snail mail
  9. My donkeys braying (this makes me laugh out loud)
  10. Sitting on the floor with a toddler
  11. My dog running to the gate to greet me
  12. An afternoon spin with my husband in our Bad Boy along the trails he’s made.
  13. Sharing Arbonne
  14. Meeting new people
  15. Seeing someone using a crochet project that I made for them
  16. Mailing a gift
  17. Movies with talking animals
  18. Discussing family with my sister
  19. Thank you cards
  20. A big Sunday Breakfast
  21. Pie
  22. Family get togethers
  23. A new recipe
  24. Learning that a baby is coming
  25. A manicure
  26. New shoes
  27. Healthy eating
  28. Loud music
  29. Licking my fingers
  30. Walking


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