Go Your Own Way

Politics and religion, the old saying goes you never discuss these two subjects among “friends”. Friends use to be the people you work with; you worshipped with, your neighbors, extended family members. Now, thanks to social media, our “friends” have extended way beyond what were normal years ago. Most of us have people who weContinue reading “Go Your Own Way”

Just to set the record straight.

It use to be if you wanted news or information you turned on your radio, your television, or you picked up a newspaper or magazine.  These mediums covered local, national, political, entertainment, and just about anything else you could possibly think of.  Then the internet arrived.  I couldn’t tell you when it happened, but nowContinue reading “Just to set the record straight.”

Are Friend Collectors Pathetic???

I’ve noticed that there are some people on social networking sites that seem to collect people.  There is simply no possible way that they could personally know that many people and have a relationship with them. I’m not talking about public figures, news anchors, musicians, writers or those sorts.  I’m talking about ordinary every dayContinue reading “Are Friend Collectors Pathetic???”

Facebook ……. Where I store my friends!

I have some friends and family that think Facebook is “bad”, “evil”, and will only get you in trouble. Your boss or potential employer can look at your Facebook page and make decisions on your employment based on stuff you posted on Facebook. To that I say “phhtttttt” Yes there are young people out thereContinue reading “Facebook ……. Where I store my friends!”

My Views on Weinergate

I think over the last several days we have all heard of Congressman Anthony Weiner’s troubles.  Just like other public figures who get into some kind of hot spot, this trouble was of his own making.  He didn’t kill anyone, he didn’t take money he shouldn’t take, he wasn’t trolling the chat rooms looking forContinue reading “My Views on Weinergate”