“Get off my back Pinterest!!”

I have a long laundry list of things that I NEED to do. I’ve got closets, cabinets, drawers, pantrys, and whole rooms that need to be organized and cleaned. My junk cup runneth over. Now take the general junkiness of my home and mix in some hobbies. Cooking, crocheting, blogging, and reading. Those are my hobbies. UsuallyContinue reading ““Get off my back Pinterest!!””

It’s a New Year and that means New Year Resolutions!!

Happy New Year!!  I can not believe that it is 2013!!  It seems like we were celebrating the beginning of 2012 just yesterday.  I guess it really is true that time flies as you get older.  Good!!  I guess it will be time to retire before I know it. Do you make New Year Resolutions? Continue reading “It’s a New Year and that means New Year Resolutions!!”

I should be ashamed of myself!

I use to be really good about keeping my cupboards and freezer straight.  I use to reorganize everything at least once a year, if not more often.  The OCD side of me always made sure that the oldest stuff was in the front and I would put the newer stuff in the back.  But somehowContinue reading “I should be ashamed of myself!”

My 10 year old plan for my backyard…..when will I get it done???

We live on 50 acres in rural Jack County.  We have about half an acre that is fenced around the house. The front yard looks great when coming up the drive, especially right after it’s mowed.  We have a very tall flag pole with an American flag waving in the breeze that you see comingContinue reading “My 10 year old plan for my backyard…..when will I get it done???”