Awash in Memories

We had a family emergency late last week. My mom fell and broke her left hip. Between that event, the approach of Christmas holidays, and finishing up year end tasks at work so I can take the last week of the year off, I really didn’t expect to have a blog out this week. Yet,Continue reading “Awash in Memories”

My Love, My Old Man

Yesterday morning I woke up early. It was nice and snug and warm in my bed. I roll over and open my eyes and stare at the 62 year old man in my bed. I find it satisfying to look at him while he’s sleeping. He’s normally wound very tightly, always on a mission orContinue reading “My Love, My Old Man”

A 60th Anniversary and a Story Shared

This past weekend, Doug and I attended my aunt and uncle’s 60th wedding anniversary celebration.  It was a wonderful afternoon, reconnecting with family that I haven’t seen in a while.  It was a happy time, with many hugs and lots of smiles.  Big family get togethers with extended family seem to happen less and lessContinue reading “A 60th Anniversary and a Story Shared”

Love Changes………and it gets better!

Love is a funny thing.  Looking into my past and remembering those I “loved” and thought I would die when the relationship ended makes me chuckle.  Oh how naive!!  I was young when I married the first time.  There’s nothing wrong with marrying young.  I have lots of friends and family members that married youngContinue reading “Love Changes………and it gets better!”