Awash in Memories

We had a family emergency late last week. My mom fell and broke her left hip. Between that event, the approach of Christmas holidays, and finishing up year end tasks at work so I can take the last week of the year off, I really didn’t expect to have a blog out this week. Yet,Continue reading “Awash in Memories”

2018 – Under Construction

Wow!!! 2017 passed so quickly!!! I guess it really is true that time flies faster as you age. Lots of things happened in 2017. It was sort of like a roller coaster ride. My spare time is limited. So I’ve done a lot of weighing my options during the month of December. I’ve spent aContinue reading “2018 – Under Construction”

Rethinking my thinking

Today I’m spending the day with mom. We spent some time at the Texas Department of Public Safety getting her a state issued identification card and she surrendered her drivers license. She quit driving years ago so that was really no big deal. Then we decided to go shopping. She says to me “I needContinue reading “Rethinking my thinking”

Aren’t happy? Maybe you need to look in the mirror!

I am almost 55 years old and I have learned a lot in those years. Especially the last 30 years. The hardest lesson I learned is that I am responsible for my own happiness. What I really hope is that while I was learning this difficult life lesson, I wasn’t a whiner. Nothing is muchContinue reading “Aren’t happy? Maybe you need to look in the mirror!”

Responsibility VS What Matters

My life is filled with commuting, working, cleaning, and an abundance of other chores. The free time that I do have seems to slip through my fingers like sand in an hour glass. I’m always going to do that one thing “tomorrow”. I’ll start organizing my house tomorrow. I’ll start exercising tomorrow. I’ll start eatingContinue reading “Responsibility VS What Matters”

Just some random thoughts

Sometimes everyone feels a little left out. Some days you’re the bug, some days you’re the windshield is actually a fact. Prices are not falling at Walmart. Its good to be quiet sometimes and make people wonder if there’s something going on with you. Be careful in what you say and what you do.  SomeoneContinue reading “Just some random thoughts”

Embracing and then running from it

I’ve always loved history, especially my own family history.  It’s sad that people’s stories get lost over time.  All of my grandparents are gone and I know that there are lots of stories that I never got to hear.  I lost my Dad in 1997.  I heard lots of his stories.  But when I lostContinue reading “Embracing and then running from it”

Why DO we have eyebrows?

Have you ever been really involved in a conversation, really listening to someone.  Looking intently into their eyes while they’re speaking and then all of the sudden just have a random crazy thought ricochet through your mind.  Mine was “I wonder what they would look like without eyebrows?”  This popped into my head a fewContinue reading “Why DO we have eyebrows?”