Holidays Lost

Thanksgiving day I came to the conclusion that I’ve turned into one of those people. One of those people who finds that the holidays are a bummer. I don’t dread them. As the season starts to approach I find myself looking forward to them with anticipation and excitement. The day arrives and suddenly I amContinue reading “Holidays Lost”


Have you ever found yourself in a pickle? One thing I’ve found is that I’m often in a pickle from trying to “help” someone. Sometimes they come right out and ask for support, guidance, or even money. Often afterwards I realize “Oops! I did it again.” By again, I mean I’ve allowed someone to takeContinue reading “Blessed?”

The Cloud of Depression

Sometimes a dark cloud of melancholy descends upon me. I feel deep sadness for people who are gone, opportunities missed, and lots of other things. I feel misunderstood, under appreciated, and sometimes taken advantaged of. I’ve never shared these feelings with anyone and they generally do not last very long either. Maybe a day atContinue reading “The Cloud of Depression”

Life’s Ups and Downs….Appreciating the small things.

Life is full of joy, happiness, disappointment, self doubt, elation, and a wealth of other emotions that are felt each day. They happen suddenly and unexpectantly at times. Some are so small and so trivial that we spend very little time thinking about them after it happens.  This seems to be most accurate about theContinue reading “Life’s Ups and Downs….Appreciating the small things.”