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I was at the house in Riverside not long after divorce was final.  He showed up on the front steps and said he had left his car somewhere over in the Diamond Hill area and asked me to take him there to get his car.  On the drive there I found out that he owed […]

My mother helped us buy a used car.  It wasn’t much, but it got us from point A to point B.  Later we bought another car from a friend of hers.   We were now a two car couple and we both had jobs.  We decided to move to another apartment.  This one was off Handly.  […]

So we packed our bags and moved.  We moved into some apartments off of Camp Bowie.  It was a sad little apartment.  It really looked like the projects.  It was during this period that I would leave John for the first time.  He was getting in over his head again with drugs.  He wasn’t working.  […]

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Once I called his father, he came immediately and got him.  John’s dad thought taking too much drugs was comparable to getting drunk on alcohol.  He thought by pouring hot coffee down him he would “sober” up.  His father called me in a few hours and told me that John was sleeping.  He said he had […]

I was startled awake one night with the feeling that someone was watching me.  It was John.  He was sitting up in bed and staring at me.  “What’s wrong I asked?”  He said, “I was just making sure that you were asleep.”  This began our odyssey of paranoia, schizophrenia, and craziness in general.  It was […]

He began to deal drugs.  But I was like the three little monkeys.  “Hear no evil”, “See no evil”, “Speak no evil”.  There were teenagers on bicycles coming to the door to purchase pot.  I would simply say “It’s for you.”  He went to jail on a probation violation.  He was on probation when we […]

Life with John Hudgins – An Introduction I met John in my senior year in high school.  He was a year older, but had dropped out for a year.  We ended up in an English class the last semester of school.  He sat behind me, but I really didn’t pay that much attention to him.  One […]