My Skin Will Never Be Black

I worked with an older black woman for about 6 years. She was the same age as my mother. We became friends, I would consider us good friends. We still keep in touch. During the down times at work, she and I would have long conversations.We talked about our lives, our outlooks, politics, and sharedContinue reading “My Skin Will Never Be Black”

Strolling down memory lane

My mom is spending the weekend with me.  I am enjoying my time with her and I think she is having a good time as well.  We spent last night talking about her childhood and my own childhood.  Family members we’ve lost and those memories of them that we still cherish. We laughed and laughed.Continue reading “Strolling down memory lane”

Embracing and then running from it

I’ve always loved history, especially my own family history.  It’s sad that people’s stories get lost over time.  All of my grandparents are gone and I know that there are lots of stories that I never got to hear.  I lost my Dad in 1997.  I heard lots of his stories.  But when I lostContinue reading “Embracing and then running from it”