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Wow!!! 2017 passed so quickly!!! I guess it really is true that time flies faster as you age. Lots of things happened in 2017. It was sort of like a roller coaster ride. My spare time is limited. So I’ve done a lot of weighing my options during the month of December. I’ve spent a […]

I have been at my new job now 86 days. I have acclimated well and feel like a part of the team. It was weird at first, being in a team situation. For the last 14 years I have been in an office by myself, doing my own thing. I sat by myself, ate lunch […]

Things are harder as you age.  Those extra pounds seem to hang on and hang on.  A hot flash can drive you outdoors naked on a cold winter day.  Where you roll around in the ice and snow just to find a little relief.  Things start to droop and sag.  Little gray hairs start to appear […]