Awash in Memories

We had a family emergency late last week. My mom fell and broke her left hip. Between that event, the approach of Christmas holidays, and finishing up year end tasks at work so I can take the last week of the year off, I really didn’t expect to have a blog out this week. Yet,Continue reading “Awash in Memories”

A Short Time Becomes a Life Time in Your Memories

Doug and I recently applied for our passports.  Among the many questions asked to prove you are who you say you are, is the question “Have you ever been widowed or divorced?”  Then they want to know when this happened.  So the answer to this question led me to the fact that I was marriedContinue reading “A Short Time Becomes a Life Time in Your Memories”

Why one Willie song always makes me sad.

Music is very powerful to me.  It can whisk me away to another time or situation and the memories come rushing in.  One of those songs is Willie Nelson’s “Always on My Mind”. I married once before, at the fairly young age of 20.  John was sweet, came from a good family, was a carpenter,Continue reading “Why one Willie song always makes me sad.”