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Wow!!! 2017 passed so quickly!!! I guess it really is true that time flies faster as you age. Lots of things happened in 2017. It was sort of like a roller coaster ride. My spare time is limited. So I’ve done a lot of weighing my options during the month of December. I’ve spent a […]

Four weeks ago this morning I walked out of my doctor’s office totally disgusted with myself.  I had received some unsettling news about my liver, but more than anything I was shocked at the number that registered on the scale when I got on it.  Click here if you want to know about my liver […]

When I was a child I remember my Mom and her sisters talking about different diets.  As I got older I remember older cousins talking about diets.  It was always something.  The Cabbage Soup diet, Apple Cider Vinegar, Grapfruit, Atkins, HCG, Paleo, Low Fat, Low Carb, Zone, South Beach, and Slim Fast.  The list could […]

I think we would all agree, at last most of us over the age of 40, that losing weight and trying to stay healthy becomes more difficult as we age.  Our metabolism slows, our activity slows for the most part, and we do not have the energy we once had.  Then the numbers on the […]

> I have been on a diet for nearly eight weeks.  I’ve cut calories, salt, fat, sugar.  I’ve done pretty well.  Extremely well I think!  Until this week that is.  It hasn’t been awful, but I’m starting to see little chinks popping up in my day to day life.  I know I’ve got to get […]

I have been on a diet for 45 days.  It really isn’t a diet so much as a change in habit.  They say if you can go so many days without doing something, you can break the habit.  I think I can safely say I have broken my bad eating habits.  It hasn’t been easy […]