Holidays Lost

Thanksgiving day I came to the conclusion that I’ve turned into one of those people. One of those people who finds that the holidays are a bummer. I don’t dread them. As the season starts to approach I find myself looking forward to them with anticipation and excitement. The day arrives and suddenly I amContinue reading “Holidays Lost”

The week my grandmother passed away

My maternal grandmother, Ma as we called her, was the sweetest, most giving woman.   She was an only child, who married a man eleven years older than herself, and then had thirteen children of her own.  As a mother she was probably over whelmed.  But as a grandmother she was perfection.  She had very little,Continue reading “The week my grandmother passed away”

Death Makes Us All Equals

>A friend recently lost his father.  When someone loses a parent, especially a father, it reminds me of the death of my own father. He didn’t have a lingering illness, he wasn’t in poor health.  He was diabetic, had high cholesterol and high blood pressure.  Those combined with the fact that he was male andContinue reading “Death Makes Us All Equals”