Go Your Own Way

Politics and religion, the old saying goes you never discuss these two subjects among “friends”. Friends use to be the people you work with; you worshipped with, your neighbors, extended family members. Now, thanks to social media, our “friends” have extended way beyond what were normal years ago. Most of us have people who weContinue reading “Go Your Own Way”

Are the good times really over?

I’ve mentioned before that I have a long commute. I cancelled my satellite radio a few months ago in a sudden urge to cut out unnecessary spending. I’ve been doing a lot of audio books since then. When I’m listening to a good audio book, I have a tendency to get lost in the story.Continue reading “Are the good times really over?”

Rules I Wish I Could Enforce

I’ve grown accustomed to nonsense. Do any reading on the internet and it’s best to keep scrolling and not get your panties in a wad. That’s especially true of Facebook. It’s a gathering place for friends, enemies,, and nincompoops. As you scroll through your Facebook feed you can see a smorgasbord of silly, serious, uplifting,Continue reading “Rules I Wish I Could Enforce”

Alzheimer’s Christmas Visit

My family, like lots of other families, began learning about Alzheimer’s this past year. My mother is most fortunate to have a tight knit family that surrounds her. She has had her ups and downs this year. But the downs have been few, but they can be intense. My sweet sister is in a positionContinue reading “Alzheimer’s Christmas Visit”

My Mother and Her 4 Cell Phones

Normally I have lunch with my mother on Tuesdays. Not every Tuesday. But maybe two or three Tuesdays a month. I started taking care of her bills last year. They seemed to be getting away from her. So she and I decided that I would take over that duty. It’s just one less thing thatContinue reading “My Mother and Her 4 Cell Phones”

Hypocrisy, assumptions, and innuendos

I’m really not an angry person by nature.  I have always considered myself easy going and tolerant.  Maybe its menopause, but more and more things are catching my attention, causing my blood pressure to rise, and then things start tumbling out of my mouth.  The older I get, the more opinionated I become and theContinue reading “Hypocrisy, assumptions, and innuendos”