Heart, Mind, and Soul

We had a weekend visitor a few weeks ago. My mother. I’m grateful to still have my mother, but I really miss my Mom. My mother seemed happy the weekend she was here. She was chatty and engaging. She was comfortable doing with us whatever we did. She sat on the front porch in theContinue reading “Heart, Mind, and Soul”

I’m proud to say “I graduated from Carter Riverside!”

My memory isn’t what it use to be.  Yet I have very vivid specific memories.  I remember my very first day of kindergarten at Riverside Elementary.  I recall sitting next to Delia Pulliam.  She had her pony tail on the side of her head, which I thought was very cool.  She was my very bestContinue reading “I’m proud to say “I graduated from Carter Riverside!””

A sister is a forever friend.

My sister and I are eleven months apart.  I was born in the last week of December in 1961 and she was born in the first week of December of 1962.  So while my mother was waiting on the arrival of her very fist baby during the Christmas of 1961, she never imagined that aContinue reading “A sister is a forever friend.”

Ye Olde Taco Bell Confrontation

Here’s something you probably don’t know about me.  I was once in a fight outside the Taco Bell on University near the intersection of University, Camp Bowie, and 7th Street.  I’m not talking about a yelling, screaming, hair pulling girl fight, but a knock down, fisticuff, call the cops fight fight between three of us andContinue reading “Ye Olde Taco Bell Confrontation”

Ma and Pa’s Legacy

My mother was born in Oklahoma in Roger Mills County to George and Velma Nelson.  She was the fourth of thirteen children.  They moved to Texas when she was about twelve and they only had eleven children at that time.  Before leaving they stopped at my great-grandmother’s house for lunch.  After departing there and drivingContinue reading “Ma and Pa’s Legacy”