My Farmville Addiction

farmvilleHello, my name is Anna and I’m a Farmville addict.  For those of you that don’t play or think this is silly I would say “Good for you!” and “Whatever you do never, ever click on the Farmville app.”  Doug hates Farmville!  On the weekends he will ask me “Why aren’t you outside spending time with me instead of on that stupid game.”  I’ve even waited for him to fall asleep so that I can sneak away to harvest my crops and be sure that I’m not missing out on some new “thing”.
I know that I’m not the only one.  My Facebook page is littered with Farmville posting at all hours of the day and night.  Farmers giving away mystery seedlings, watering cans, baby bottles, foals, eggs, fertilizer, samples.  Dear Lord!  The list just goes on and on.

Farmville turns you into a beggar as well.  They have you start projects that require multiple items that make you BEG from your neighbors (other Farmville addicts).  Then just when you’ve collected the last wooden board, brick, or nail you discover you can expand those projects and you’re off on a begging quest again.  The worse are the barn raisings!  You’ve got to get 10 friends to help you within a short period of time.  These seem to get lost on the feed.

There were a few times I needed more neighbors to expand my farm or advance to something.  I can’t beg my “old” friends on Facebook to be my Farmville neighbors.  So I turn to the Farmville Forums and other Farmville pages to find new friends.  I try to pick people who remind me of myself, but really you never know.  So far I’ve been very lucky and most of the people I’ve friended are real friends now.  We talk about other things, not just Farmville.  Some of these people have been able to beat their addiction and no longer play, but remain good friends.

Believe me I’ve got better things to do than play this silly, time wasting game.  But I really can’t help myself.  I run out of the house each morning barely making it to work on time.  I’ve got a spare bedroom that has become a storage room.  Every weekend I swear I’m going to clean it.   I’ve got a dog that has absolutely no manners. I’ve got floors that need mopping, closets that need to be straightened, and drawers that need to be cleaned out.

On Farmville I’m farming, baking, making wine, raising ducklings, calves, foals, chickens, and seedlings.  I’m harvesting my crops, my orchards, my trees, my duck pond, my dairy, my chicken coop, my pig sty, and a mystery trough.  I’ve got a greenhouse where I can crossbreed seeds.   And what does Farmville do now?  They give me a farm in the English Countryside.  So now I have TWO farms.  On my farm in the England I’m not only planting and harvesting crops, I’m operating a pub, making the brews and breeding sheep!  Do you know what I have to do to breed my sheep??!!  I have to BEG for Love Potions. 

I vow to you today that I will cut back on my Farmville time!  I will not farm in the mornings or evenings during the week, maybe only a little on the weekends.  I really think there should be a 12 Step program for Farmville.  We could start one.  First we’ll need a building.  Please send me 10 boards, 10 nails, and 10 bricks.  I promise to gift the same to you so that you can build your own.

Why?? You ask!!

I drive an hour every morning and every evening Monday thru Friday.  During these two trips all kinds of things pass through my mind.  Funny things, crazy things, serious things, sad things, and happy things.  I’ve even planned funerals during these trips.  When posting random thoughts on Facebook, I’ve had people tell me “You should do a blog!”  A blog I wondered?  What is a blog and why would anyone want to read what I’m thinking or what my opinions are.

Well after finding old friends, family members, and even making new friends on Facebook, I’ve discovered that the world is really a very small place.  I’m interested in what is going on in the lives of people I know and even those I’ve never met.  I find it interesting.  It makes me feel connected.  Did someone see a beautiful sunrise, trees leafing out, flowers popping up out of the ground and post a picture.  It nice to know that other people find simple pleasure in the same things that I do.

As I’ve gotten older I’ve become very opinionated.  I love a good political or religious conversation.  I hesitate to post my opinions on Facebook because it seems to open up a can of worms.  Maybe on here I can vent my feelings and frustrations.  You can come here and see what I’m saying about those things or not.

But I wonder “Do I have the skills I need to write a blog?”  Well I did take that creative writing course the summer between the fifth grade and the sixth at Atwood McDonald Elementary.  So I’m good to go.  We’ll see what tomorrow brings.