Some dreams are more appreciate than others

We all dream.  Some people are better at remembering dreams than other.  I’ve read different theories and suggestions on things you can do that will enable you to remember you dreams.  But none of them have ever worked for me.  It would be interesting to be able to instantly recall what you’ve dreamed when youContinue reading “Some dreams are more appreciate than others”

Geneology and Cosmetics

I was sitting on a stool at the Benefit Bar at Ulta waiting to get my eyebrows waxed, when I observed an elderly woman asking about a particular moisturizer.  When I say elderly, I mean late 70’s or maybe early 80’s.  She seemed to be on a mission.  She knew exactly what she was lookingContinue reading “Geneology and Cosmetics”

Just some random thoughts

Sometimes everyone feels a little left out. Some days you’re the bug, some days you’re the windshield is actually a fact. Prices are not falling at Walmart. Its good to be quiet sometimes and make people wonder if there’s something going on with you. Be careful in what you say and what you do.  SomeoneContinue reading “Just some random thoughts”

Why DO we have eyebrows?

Have you ever been really involved in a conversation, really listening to someone? Looking intently into their eyes while they’re speaking and then suddenly just have a random crazy thought ricochet through your mind. Mine was, “I wonder what they would look like without eyebrows?” This popped into my head a few days ago, andContinue reading “Why DO we have eyebrows?”

Clip, Clip, Clip, are we saving money yet????

It was a cold rainy Sunday morning a couple of weeks ago.  Doug was working and I was just lounging around the house wishing I had a Sunday paper.  Living out in the middle of nowhere makes it hard to just jump in your car and run up the road to get whatever you mayContinue reading “Clip, Clip, Clip, are we saving money yet????”

My Friendship with Estee Lauder

I’ve been a fan of Estee Lauder for a very long time.  I would go with my Mom and stand with her at the cosmetic counter.  It always fascinated me.  Bottles of lotions, pretty makeup, sweet smelling perfume.  Then when I was old enough (about 18) to start my own journey on the skin care path,Continue reading “My Friendship with Estee Lauder”