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As I get older and the people around me get older, I have found that people are more willing to share personal thoughts and memories from their lives.  There are a lot of people who have passed on from this life that I wish I could sit down with and have a conversation.  Time is […]

You know how when you are looking for something on the internet and one things leads you to another thing.  Then before you know it your off searching something else that has nothing to do with the first thing.  That’s sort of what the human brain is like when it comes to memories.  If you […]

I took a boy parking one time. Yes me.  I think it was the summer right after I graduated from high school, but I’m not sure. I had a lot of fun that summer.  I had no cares, no responsibilities.  I was just having fun.  I didn’t take anything too serious. I was at that […]

Today is Mother’s Day.  We celebrate our own moms and moms everywhere.  I have a great mom.  She loves her family, my sister and me, and she certainly is a proud grandmother as well.  She isn’t perfect.  But she is a true friend, a good listener, and is always fair in all she does.  She […]

One year, I can’t quite remember when, but I was in elementary school, my dad planted about half an acre of blackeyed peas.  It may not have been that much..  But it was at least a quarter acre.  Why he did this I don’t know.  I wish I could ask him.  What we did with […]