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When there is sickness or illness, I never know what to do.  I can send a card of encouragement, but beyond that I’m stymied.  I’m not really sure what to do.  I’m afraid of saying something inappropriate or doing something that makes the person uncomfortable.  In times like that I really wish I was more […]

I have been with Doug for 19 years.  We lived together several years and finally got married.  I could not even tell you what day without looking at the marriage license.  It was just a legal matter that we finally felt the need to clear up.  All I know is its in the first week […]

It was a cold rainy Sunday morning a couple of weeks ago.  Doug was working and I was just lounging around the house wishing I had a Sunday paper.  Living out in the middle of nowhere makes it hard to just jump in your car and run up the road to get whatever you may […]