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If you aren’t familar with it’s a site where you can make boards and “pin” pictures from websites that you might want to revisit later.  Its really good for a multitude of things and can be very addictive.  I have found that it is really good for recipes, crafty stuff, just about anything you […]

I have always been an avid reader.  I read a wide variety of books and I’m usually open to suggestions.  I enjoy a good old fashioned romance, historical fiction, sci-fi, fantasy, biographies, and a host of other things.  I’m not big into self help books, but I have been known to pick one up from […]

I had lunch with my Mom today.  I thought I was going to be able to get her internet back on, but apparently it won’t be on until 8:00 tonight. This was after spending about an hour a couple of months ago trying to figure out why she couldn’t connect to the internet.  I found […]

Do you know someone who is a little off their rocker?  Maybe you know a couple of them.  I know I do.  Some of them are friends or family, some are just people you stumble across from time to time.  Like the lady at a Mexican restaurant who came in to pick up a phone […]

My maternal grandmother, Ma as we called her, was the sweetest, most giving woman.   She was an only child, who married a man eleven years older than herself, and then had thirteen children of her own.  As a mother she was probably over whelmed.  But as a grandmother she was perfection.  She had very little, […]

At the end of December I bought a 2012 Kia Soul.  After driving it for three months, I have to say that I love it.  I drove a Kia for the previous 6 years and never had any problems.  But since I put about 600 miles per week on my car, I decided it was […]

Here is a short list of things I love and why. 1.  Coming home on a Friday night – after making that drive all week I’m always relieved that we’ve made it through another week and we have two whole days to rest and recuperate right here in our own little paradise.  The only things […]

In the winter the landscape turns grey and dull.  The pastures are brown, the trees are barren of leaves.  The cold wind blows and I don’t want to go  outside.  But I learned long ago that I can attract activity and beauty even at this bleak time of the year.  I do this simply with […]