What I was thinking about at lunch…….I should probably just delete it, but here it is.

You know on Facebook there is no dislike button.  There is a scam that gets going every now and then.  I’m not sure if its just a run of the mill hoax or it there is some kind of virus attached to it.  My general rule of thumb is I don’t click links on Facebook,Continue reading “What I was thinking about at lunch…….I should probably just delete it, but here it is.”

More than just the usual gossip

We’ve all run across them.  Sometimes we stumble upon them by accident.  Sometimes they turn out to be long time acquaintances or even family members.  Sometimes they’re co-workers or maybe a friend of a friend.  They can be either male or female.  Sometimes we look in the mirror and find them.  I’m talking about busyContinue reading “More than just the usual gossip”

Self Censorship

There’s nothing like self censorship.  I’ve had a lot of thoughts, opinions, and memories rolling around in my mind the last several weeks.  But I’ve stopped myself from putting those thoughts down in black and white for fear of someone taking offense to them or even taking them out of context and twisting my wordsContinue reading “Self Censorship”

Looking back at 20 from 50

After spending the day with my Mom on Friday I suddenly realized that my mother is reaching the juncture of retired go getter grandma and veering into elderly matriarch.  I, on the other hand, am well advanced into mature, self sufficient, bitch stage. Bitch can be a bitter insult or a flattering compliment.  It allContinue reading “Looking back at 20 from 50”

Anna’s Misadventures in Sking

I passed a car on the freeway the other day that had three snowboards attached to the rear of the vehicle.  I thought, “How nice to be going on a winter vacation to the snow!”  Yes it always sounds like fun.  But it doesn’t always turn out that way. The first time I went skingContinue reading “Anna’s Misadventures in Sking”

50 Things I’ve Learned in the Last 50 Years

1.     Its okay to make a fool of yourself.  Sometimes its even fun. 2.     Everyone is not going to share your opinion and that’s okay. 3.     Having at least a few people in your life that will tell you when you are wrong is invaluable. 4.     Practice what you preach. Actions really do speak louderContinue reading “50 Things I’ve Learned in the Last 50 Years”

I wasn’t always quiet and shy.

I took a boy parking one time. Yes me.  I think it was the summer right after I graduated from high school, but I’m not sure. I had a lot of fun that summer.  I had no cares, no responsibilities.  I was just having fun.  I didn’t take anything too serious. I was at thatContinue reading “I wasn’t always quiet and shy.”

Happiness is where you are.

Before we moved out here to the great big middle of nowhere, we lived on 3 acres off of FM 1886 or Confederate Park Rd. It was an older 2 story frame house. We learned some things there. Some things about gardening, water well repairs, old Farmall tractors, crazy neighbors, and right of ways acrossContinue reading “Happiness is where you are.”

Today – Some of life’s little lies

Yes I know this is just the opposite of yesterday, but it was all I could think of on the way home last night. They kept running through my head. So here they are. Some of these I’ve heard and some I’ve told myself: “You look fine.” “I’m going to run to the store, I’llContinue reading “Today – Some of life’s little lies”