A Bag Full of Memories

Several weeks ago my mother gave me two suitcases filled with pictures and other items. I was excited to get them and couldn’t wait to go thru them.  After bringing them into the house and just opening the lids and peeking in, I was a little overwhelmed. Judging from the pictures in each suitcase IContinue reading “A Bag Full of Memories”

Covered Wagons and Open Plains

Sometimes I think I would have like to traveled across the country in a covered wagon and helped settle the West.  I know I am romanticizing the time period.  It was hard and difficult and lots of people who started out never made it to their destination.  It was especially hard on woman I think.Continue reading “Covered Wagons and Open Plains”

Changes and Bigotry – Adapting and Growing

I was born in December of 1961.  Sort of between two eras.  The wholesome 50’s and the tumultuous 60’s.  I started kindergarten at Riverside Elementary in September of 1966.  The Vietnam War was still in full swing as well as the Cold War with the Russians.  There were people protesting against the war in VietnamContinue reading “Changes and Bigotry – Adapting and Growing”