Ready for a New Adventure!!

I recently found out that I was going to be a Great Aunt.  My sister will become a grandmother for the first time and my mother will become a great grandmother.  Our whole family is excited.  It seems like it has been a life time since we had a baby around.  I still remember theContinue reading “Ready for a New Adventure!!”

A sister is a forever friend.

My sister and I are eleven months apart.  I was born in the last week of December in 1961 and she was born in the first week of December of 1962.  So while my mother was waiting on the arrival of her very fist baby during the Christmas of 1961, she never imagined that aContinue reading “A sister is a forever friend.”

New Attitude (I Think)

If you didn’t notice when you landed here, I have found a new home for my blog, So if you were following me on I would certainly appreciate you following me here.  I really hated leaving blogspot, because over the past year I’ve built up stats and pages views. By moving I’m having toContinue reading “New Attitude (I Think)”

Poke me with a fork and call me done!

What is it about cutting off all contact with a person in any way, shape, or form that would make them think you are still interested in what they have to say? In my life I have very rarely made the conscience decision to cut ties with a person.  Most of the time things happenContinue reading “Poke me with a fork and call me done!”

Christmas Means Family Time

December has always been an awesome time of the year for me.  Its like it begins with Thanksgiving, followed by my sister’s birthday on the 7th, all the hustle and bustle leading up to Christmastime, the gathering of family on Christmas Day, then my birthday, and finally New Year’s Eve, thinking about all the yearContinue reading “Christmas Means Family Time”

I’m Thankful for My Sweet Sweet Family

I was brought up in the sweetest, most loving home.  I was fortunate to have two parents that loved me and my sister above all else.  Our well being and needs always came first.  I’m not talking about material things.  I’m talking about love, care, concern, and value.  After talking with friends and relatives overContinue reading “I’m Thankful for My Sweet Sweet Family”

A Bag Full of Memories

Several weeks ago my mother gave me two suitcases filled with pictures and other items. I was excited to get them and couldn’t wait to go thru them.  After bringing them into the house and just opening the lids and peeking in, I was a little overwhelmed. Judging from the pictures in each suitcase IContinue reading “A Bag Full of Memories”