The Drought, Dead Fish, and Now Hogs!

Last year was a hard year for farmers and ranchers in Texas.  We experienced one of the most severe droughts that we’ve had in years.  Thousands of acres burned in wild fires.  Homes lost, animals lost, total devastation for some.  Then as the year passed into Fall and Winter, a shortage of hay for ourContinue reading “The Drought, Dead Fish, and Now Hogs!”

Happiness is where you are.

Before we moved out here to the great big middle of nowhere, we lived on 3 acres off of FM 1886 or Confederate Park Rd. It was an older 2 story frame house. We learned some things there. Some things about gardening, water well repairs, old Farmall tractors, crazy neighbors, and right of ways acrossContinue reading “Happiness is where you are.”