Happy New Year!


It’s that time of year again! It’s that time when we try to convince ourselves that we just might complete all those things we never seem to get done. Lose weight, get in shape, get organized, eat better, act better, be a better human being.

The last few years my goal has simply been to be organized, be more productive. It just never seems to happen. I wake up every morning and just fly by the seat of my pants. Before I know it the week has already come and gone, the seasons have changed and I have accomplished not one thing.

Someone suggested a book on organization. That’s no good! I don’t need to read a book, I just need a realistic plan.I have tried breaking it down into small chores. Small Chores with rewards. That didn’t work. I think what I really need to do is get a box, shove everything in it that I haven’t used in the last year or 10 years and get rid of it. No sorting and no regrets.

I want to blog more.At times the ideas spill our of my brain and make quite the mess on the passenger seat of my car. For instance, I have a fictional group of animals that live in a lovely meadow on the edge of a large forest, far from people.Their antics would be based on funny or interesting stories. Some stories would be things that happen at the senior adult community where I work. Others just simply things that I’ve heard or stories I’ve been told. Just mainly quirky, silly every day human interaction stories.

I’ve discussed my idea of a community of forest animals with a friend. It was suggested that my character would be the honey badge. I think it was meant as a compliment. Another series of blogs would be Lyrics of Life. It would be about how a song relates or reminds me of someone or maybe a situation. And of course I would also toss in my usual point of view on every day life or current events at times.

Sound great! Doesn’t it? Even though I now have my new handy dandy iPen (I wrote this entire blog with it on my iPad) Don’t hold your breath. My intentions are good, but normally I’m really just too tired.

Don’t forget that I also like to crochet in my “spare” time. I also like to cook, bake, preserve, visit, entertain and run my mouth.If it wasn’t for the 40 hour work week, the 90 minute commute each way I would have plenty of time and energy. But as it is, especially as I sit here at the beginning of another New Year all I know for sure is, I am so very tired.

I’d really love to draw my animals that live in the meadow. Maybe I can do that with this new pencil?


Well Hello!!

catOh My Goodness!!!  I haven’t written a blog since June 19th.  I’m still carrying my moleskin notebook that my cousin Chris gave me.  I hate to say it, but It has worked it’s way to the bottom of my purse.  It’s filled with ideas, things I’ve heard other people say, and things that have crossed my mind.  But I have pushed my blogging to the end of my list of “Things to Do”.

I am still adjusting to my new work schedule. I’ve taken crochet back up. And I still spend a lot of time just piddling around.  During the week I don’t have a lot of spare time.  I spend a total of 2.67 hours per day in the car.  That’s a lot of time I could spend doing something else.  But until I get either my teleporter, a helicopter, or a car that drives itself, that’s what I’m dealing with.

But I will certainly try a little harder in the future and not go another five weeks plus without some kind of post.  Maybe you don’t really care and that’s okay.  But I enjoy sharing my thoughts with people who are interested.  If you like my Facebook page or if you subscribe to this blog I feel like you must be interested.

This weekend I was locked out of Facebook from Saturday afternoon until early Monday morning.  I felt really cut off.  Say what you will about Facebook or the internet, but it’s how I feel connected to my friends and family.

Like my father before me, I’m a time waster. My mom and I use to watch him out the window as he worked in the back yard. He spent a lot of time standing in the yard, with his hands on his hips, staring off into space.  I do that a lot on the weekend.

So my vow to you, my reader, (same vow, 23rd verse) is to make more of an effort to share my thoughts with you.

I promise.