Heads Up!!! I’m May Be Changing My Will!

I don’t know much about what happens to men as they grow older. I can only comment as an observer. But I do, however, have some experience about what happens to women. Some are not so bad, some are kind of good, some are just awful, and a few are just a pain in theContinue reading “Heads Up!!! I’m May Be Changing My Will!”

Who is this old woman living in my house?

There’s a stranger living in my house!  I think it’s an elderly woman.  I haven’t met her face to face, but I know she’s here.  I see evidence of her every where I turn.  She thinks she’s clever and that I haven’t noticed.  Oh But I Have!! I see she has replaced my shoes with herContinue reading “Who is this old woman living in my house?”

It’s Hell Getting Old!

I can remember my Dad saying “It’s hell getting old.” as he rubbed some part of his arm, leg, or back that was hurting.  I also remember when Anne Richards was governor and he said “You know you’re getting old when you think something like that looks pretty good.”  He was full of the oneContinue reading “It’s Hell Getting Old!”

Inside I get scared…….sometimes

I’m basically a very optimistic person.  I usually see the best in people and most situations.  But I do sometimes worry.  I don’t usually worry about things for myself, but things for other people.  I worry about people that are sick, out of work, or just struggling with anything.  I always wish that I couldContinue reading “Inside I get scared…….sometimes”

Where are the #@*%$ pickles!!!

Well we all woke up this morning to a new and improved Facebook feed. I have to say after looking at the feed for awhile this morning that I think my generation is slowly stepping into the gripey old people age. I say this all in good fun, because I didn’t care for the changeContinue reading “Where are the #@*%$ pickles!!!”