2018 – Under Construction


Wow!!! 2017 passed so quickly!!! I guess it really is true that time flies faster as you age. Lots of things happened in 2017. It was sort of like a roller coaster ride. My spare time is limited. So I’ve done a lot of weighing my options during the month of December.

I’ve spent a lot of time doing different things over the last few years. Genealogy and crochet to name just a couple. I still spend way too much time in my car. A total of 3 hours a day. Man! What I could do with those 3 hours every day! It’s not really dead time. There are lots of things I can do on my commute. Most of them involve either audio books, soundclouds, or podcasts.

I discovered a new genre of books in 2017. Personal development.  I wish I had discovered it decades ago! Nothing I’ve learned is really earth shattering or mind blowing or even revolutionary. Just simple reminders of what it takes to be a better, more productive you. The main thing I’ve learned from these books is it’s the little things. Doing the small things every day will lead to a better, more productive you. Need some motivation? Ask me for a recommendation.

I’ve laid the genealogy aside for now. I’ll probably pick it back up when I retire. There are letters that need to be written and forms to be filled out for documentation. I had given some thought to joining Daughters of the American Revolution and Daughters of the Republic of Texas. But the more I think about it, the less interest I have in it. I’m happy that I did the Ancestry DNA. I would like to travel and meet some cousins I’ve only just found and reacquaint myself with cousins from my childhood. I’ve got a laptop and a scanner. In this day and age, it’s easy to tote this stuff along and scan pictures from other’s collections.

I still find satisfaction in crocheting. But with no babies in the future, I’ve kind of lost interest. I made Henry a sweet toddler sweater and Lila a beautiful poncho. I made a cousin a couple of baby blankets for her little one that arrived this year. But I’m really uninspired. I may pick it up again in 2018. I’ve seen some beautiful patterns for scarves, ponchos, and wraps. I got rid of my stockpile of yarn. So I’ll start fresh. One of the things I loved about crocheting was finding the textures that really spoke to me. I think at this point in my life I’ll go for quality rather than quantity. Maybe it’s time to log back into ravelry.com.

One major accomplishment in 2017 was my health. I’ve lost weight and improved my health. By simply trying a new skincare line in 2016, I stumbled upon a life changing adventure. The skincare line led me to a makeup line that led me to a superb spa line that led me to an amazing, life changing nutrition line.

So at the age of 56, I’m on an amazing journey of health and fitness. In January of 2017 I weighed 215. My liver enzymes were through the roof (and had been for years), my cholesterol was elevated, and I had GERD. Because of the GERD, I’ve had to have my esophagus stretched twice. The last time they thought I had Barrett’s Esophagus. But fortunately that came back negative.

At the end of December 2017, I weigh 185. My liver enzymes are normal. My cholesterol is lower. I haven’t had to take an acid reducer in months. It hasn’t been easy, but to be honest it hasn’t been all that difficult either. I have more energy. My brain fog is gone. I sleep better. I’ve still got weight to lose and miles to go. But I am on the right path and look forward to getting serious again in January.

It may not sound like a lot to say I’ve lost 30 pounds. But considering that I didn’t really get serious about this program until about May I think it’s spectacular!! I’ve tried different things for years to lower my liver enzymes and nothing worked until I started this program. The support and education that I’ve been provided is priceless and the supplements are premium blends of vitamins, minerals, botanicals, antioxidants, enzymes, prebiotics, and probiotics for maximum product effectiveness.

I was so inspired by all of these amazing products that I signed up to be a consultant in March. To be honest, I only signed up for the discount. However, I loved the product so much and talked about it so easily that I found myself sharing and then selling the products. I love seeing others benefiting in the same way that I have.

Why not make 2018 YOUR YEAR?? I’d love to talk to you about what I’m doing and share some samples with you to try. You have nothing to lose but weight and EVERYTHING to gain!

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  1. Thank you, Anna for all of your inspiring personal work in 2017. You are on a blazing trail and are sure to have many more exciting successes and experiences for this time next year. Big kiss to you.

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