Go Your Own Way

Where are the #@*%$ pickles!!!Politics and religion, the old saying goes you never discuss these two subjects among “friends”. Friends use to be the people you work with; you worshipped with, your neighbors, extended family members. Now, thanks to social media, our “friends” have extended way beyond what were normal years ago.

Most of us have people who we follow or follow us that we really have no real connection with. Maybe they are former co-workers, former classmates, friends of friends, and even distant family members. Whoever they are, they are people we have no interaction with. For the most part we don’t value their opinions or their feelings on subjects that may be important to us.

Gone are the days when we would sit across from someone, face to face, and have a serious, maybe even a valuable conversation about world events or our own personal belief system. We could smile at each other after this “deep” conversation and agree to disagree.

Now if someone has a different opinion or outlook than you, you are given labels. You are uneducated, uninformed, you have blinders on, you are drinking the Kool-Aid, you are stupid, you are hell bound, Jesus doesn’t love you, you are un-American, you are pond scum, you are the problem, you are a fucktard!!

I do not care if you call yourself Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Wiccan, Atheist, Mormon, Scientologist, Democrat, Republican, Libertarian, Independent, Left Wing, Right Wing, or Chicken Wing. Whoever you are or whatever you call yourself, you do not own the path to justice, truth, fairness, or respectability. There is nothing that you can post or say on social media that is going to change anyone else’s thought processes.

I don’t mind someone throwing out a thought or reposting an article with a “consider this” type of attitude. There is a fine line between sharing information and shoving it down my throat.

I don’t know where we are headed as a country. But what I do know is that if Donald J Trump is elected we are not going to hell in a handbasket. Neither will we if Hillary Clinton is elected. It amazes me that everyone gets all wound up about the Presidential election, but no one turns out for school board elections, city council elections, state senators or congressmen. These elections matter too, sometimes more so than a Presidential election.

Why do we keep sending the same senators and congress people to Washington? Why do the same old “good ol’ boys” keep running our cities, counties, and states? That’s where the revolution needs to start. The President of the United States enacts no laws, until it ends up on his desk.

What is getting me aggravated these days is the presumption of “friends” to tell me that voting for who I want to vote for is actually a vote for Donald Trump. I will probably do one of three things this election. I will either vote Green, Libertarian, or Independent. I don’t need a lecture. I don’t need to be informed or educated. If you think your pick has all the answers, just know that you are mistaken.

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