In last night’s slumber……

fcb81aacbd6d8f2e842115ba367642e8What odd dreams I’ve been having. Last time it was birds, bird’s nests, and hatchlings in a house. Last night it was something else rather odd. I’m sure it means something, but what.

Last night as I slept, I was at first outside in a grove of trees and at other times in a building. Sometimes this building seemed to be my mother’s house. At other times it seemed to be a rather large house that was filled with boxes and things. When I wasn’t there, I was in a grove or an orchard filled with trees at times and with shrubs at other times.

I was gathering the fruit from the trees. There was a man in the distance. He seemed to be in charge of the trees. In my mind he was a horticulturist. As I gathered the fruit he moved just beyond my field of vision.

I had a basket in which I was placing the fruit. The fruit was actually a nut. The nut was about the size of a small apple. It was shaped somewhat like a walnut. But it was very large. As I gathered the nuts, I would occasionally crack one open. They were easy to open, much like a walnut is. When I opened them each piece of the walnut like nut it was large, to match the small apple size of the whole nut fruit. But each piece of the nut was not back to back as usual. But faced each other in the shell.

But occasionally when I opened one of the nuts I found a surprise. It was a walnut AND a pecan. I would rush to try to catch the man, the manager of the trees, but he was always just a little too far ahead of me for me to catch. I laid these special nuts aside to show him when I could.

At last I round a bunch of trees and found the man asleep on a very nice couch that sat beneath the branches.

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