and I’m okay with that.

7b514a8fcf19a2e36ec72620e636c4f3I use to be nice. I use to be sweet. I use to make excuses for people. I use to see only the positive. Then after a little life experience, I took off my rose colored glasses, looked at the world, and became a bitch.

I think most of my real, truly life changing conversion happened after I turned 50. Maybe that’s just part of growing old. Your tolerance for unadulterated bullshit drops to a level where you just aren’t going to stand it any more.

I use to make excuses for others – now I let them speak for themselves.

I use to ignore the ugly, and play up the pretty – now I let ugly just be ugly.

I use to reach out to help without being asked – now I worry only about myself and my family. I have to live with my choices, so does everyone else.

I use to be the peacemaker – now I will bring the war right into your living room and take no prisoners and call no truce.

Once you realize you’ve been betrayed, it’s easy to wipe entire groups out of your life without a second thought. It’s really quite liberating not to feel the need to explain yourself. Just simply sit and be quiet and wait for the disorderly, loud mouthed crowd to pass you by and move on to their next dispute.

Keeping quiet is the hard part. I guess we all want understanding. That’s why we feel the need for discussion, endless discussion with everyone shouting about their “feelings”. I’ve finally reached the age where I don’t really care about anyone’s feelings and will try to keep mine to myself as well.

Occasionally I feel that nice, sweet, girl trying to rise up out of me and make excuses for someone. But I punch her in the face and the bitch wins again.

I’m a nice, mind my own business, kind of bitch.


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