Rules I Wish I Could Enforce

facebook-rulesI’ve grown accustomed to nonsense. Do any reading on the internet and it’s best to keep scrolling and not get your panties in a wad. That’s especially true of Facebook. It’s a gathering place for friends, enemies,, and nincompoops. As you scroll through your Facebook feed you can see a smorgasbord of silly, serious, uplifting, and mundane.

There are people who claim “This is my page. I’m just making a statement and I don’t need/want any comments.” Pulease!!! If you put it out there, expect comment. You can just delete them if they bother you that much. It’s not your front porch and your house. Think of it more as standing up in the middle of the mall and making a proclamation.

Here are my rules, if only I could enforce them with some kind of electrical zap to their fingertips.

1. Basic reading comprehension skills required. Read my original post and try to understand what I’m going for. A:) Social Commentary B:) Wise Ass C:) Moral Support, or maybe even D:) Information Request

2. If you feel the need to comment, by all means, pleases do. But first, please read your comment and ask yourself “Am I being a part of the conversation or am I taking this conversation down another road?” Ask yourself question BEFORE hitting enter.

3: If you feel led to go down another road – Post your own status, don’t gloam onto mine. Example: I post George Bush has big ears along with a cartoon meme. This is posted as humor. But you feel the need to tell me how disastrous the current administration is. Now you’ve put a damper on all my fun, along with everyone else who has commented in a fun, free spirited way.

4: If you’re not sure about #3, read all of the comments. Is this a serious post? OR is this all in good fun. While we’re talking about reading all of the comments before commenting yourself, this is very important if I’ve asked a question. For instance if I ask “What colors make green?” and sixty-four people have already commented that “Green is made by mixing blue and yellow”, there really is no need for you to comment also.

5. If you don’t care, you don’t comment. Posting in the comments with the phrase “Who cares?” any where in your comment is ridiculous. It makes you look like a bully or at the very least a great big wet blanket. If you don’t care, just keep scrolling. I’m sure there is something you can care about further down in the feed.

But I guess the biggest rule enforcer for me is the “delete comment” button. I love that button. If you can’t get the humor or if my post bother’s you there is another nifty feature. It’s the “hide” option. Try it. You blood pressure will thank you.

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