When I get very old…….

After working at this independent senior adult community for a few months, I have discovered some things and decided to make myself a list so that I don’t forget.


When I get very old:

1. I shall wear my phone around my neck on a lanyard.

2. I shall not brush my hair unless I feel like being fashionable

3. I shall proudly wear my glasses with a great big fingerprint on the lens

4. I shall arrive 2 hours early for all scheduled events

5. If food is served at an event I shall arrive 3 hours early

6. I shall call my list of loved ones each day and tell them “I love you”

7. I shall not drive over 20 MPH unless I’m approaching a stop sign. Then it’s pedal to the metal and a screeching, smoking stop

8. I shall buy a harness for my cat and walk her down the street

9. I shall wear bright red lipstick

10. I shall call everyone I meet sweetheart, darling, or sugar.

11. I shall go to the bank and chat with my young friends

12. I shall take long long afternoon naps

13. I shall show up unannounced on friends and relatives doorsteps

14. I shall look forward to doctor’s appointments as social events

15. I shall visit the burial spots of those I love and sit and think about the memories we made.

16. I shall be happy and not complain

17. I shall have very long conversation with children I meet

18.  I shall not listen to others complain

19. I shall not care who knows my age

20. I shall only wear comfortable shoes

21. I shall buy lottery tickets and throw coins into wishing wells

22. I shall read and learn new things

23. I shall teach those who want to know the things that I have learned

24. I shall laugh at myself and the mistakes that I make

25. I shall stand at the end of the path and look back with fondness on the memories I’ve made.


1 thought on “When I get very old…….

  1. Sounds like a good plan to me 🙂


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