A Gift Appreciated

I wrote a short little blog earlier this week about finding the time to do the things we want.  One of the points of the blog was setting aside time one weekend a month to compile a blog arsenal.  I’ve got all kinds of thoughts and memories and ideas that roll around in my head all day long.  The problem is keeping up with the ideas.  I mentioned that I need to go back to pencil and paper in keeping up with my thoughts.  Maybe a spiral notebook.

My cousin Chris emailed me a link for a journal he uses.  I liked it.  I emailed him back and said I would check it out, but maybe I should just start with a $1.99 notebook.

Today I received a package from Amazon.com with that Moleskine Classic Notebook.  In it was a note that said “Your thoughts are worth more than $1.99.”  I loved the surprise, but mostly I appreciated the compliment.  We can all become a little cynical living our day to day lives.  And then someone steps up out of nowhere and does something kind.

Now let’s see if I can crank out some blogs over the weekend.

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