Another Weird Dream

healthI’m sure we all dream every night.  In most cases, we either have no recollection or they fade from our memory as we rise and start our day.  I occasionally have dreams that stay with me intensely  upon waking.  This morning I arose and was conscience of such a dream and I’ve been struggling to decide if it means any thing.

I woke briefly very early this morning and the dream was there in the fore front of my consciousness.  I went right back to sleep and when I woke again in a couple of hours the dream was still there.

The dream took place in a Jack in the Box restaurant.  My friends, Nancy and Alicia, were there also.  I was under the impression that they worked there, but I’m not sure.  I had a large bucket of soda.  Yes, it was a bucket of soda.  Like a pail with a handle.  It was a red pail.  It was square ice with the soda poured over it. There was no straw.

As I was walking away with my bucket of soda I noticed something moving around in the pail.  Alicia came to help me look.  I don’t recall any conversation, it was only movement and feelings.  In the pail was a long worm.  Not like an earthworm.  But some sort of segmented worm.  I was disgusted and Alicia seemed bothered by it, but not to the extent that I was.

Now worms are one thing that I can not stand.  If I’m digging in a flower bed or my garden and I come across a worm, that is my sign that it’s time to stop.  I don’t run screaming at the sight of a worm.  They just generally gross me out and make me turn and go in another direction.

One of the things I read about “dreaming of worms” says that dreaming of worms is the first sign which warns about accumulation of negative experiences, lack of balance between what is desirable and necessary. Worms in dream also can be evidence of negative effects or conflict in family and work.  Something else said, “The dreamer must consider, that sometimes dreaming about worms warns about health, which might be at risk.”

This was a good blog I found on dreaming about worms.

What my friends had to do with the dream, I have no idea.  But I’m thinking my subconscious is telling me that I need to take better care of my health.  After all the worm was in a bucket of soda at a fast food restaurant.

I’ve been off the “take care of myself” wagon for a long while now.  A lot of things have been in the back of my mind.  I haven’t been exercising.  The unnecessary sugar, the bread, grabbing the easy food, instead of the healthy food.

I think maybe my mind is telling me I better sit up and pay attention before something happens.

He who takes medicine and neglects to diet wastes the skill of his doctors.  ~Chinese Proverb



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