Ready for a New Adventure!!

29f86f20c3a06fffb431f293ca2f2665I recently found out that I was going to be a Great Aunt.  My sister will become a grandmother for the first time and my mother will become a great grandmother.  Our whole family is excited.  It seems like it has been a life time since we had a baby around.  I still remember the excitement of each of my nieces and nephews births.  Of course the first one is always super exciting.  I’m sure this one will be no different.  I know that all of us can’t wait to get our hands on that little tiny fellow.

My first nephew, Kennith arrived in April of 1983.  His sister Carla arrived the following June of 1984.  Two years later in March of 1986, my niece Kristine arrived.  And last, but certainly not least my nephew Joe arrived in Mary of 1992.  Those were my babies.  My sister has always been kind enough to share them with me.

They have all brought joy and meaning to my life.  They grew into adults that I enjoy spending time with.   As the day draws near (December 9th) for this new chapter in all of our lives I began to recall some of the memories of those early days of aunthood.

  1. Seeing each of them for the first time.  Looking at their tiny toes, fingers, noses, eyebrows, and other  bitty bits.
  2. Buying tiny little things and playing dress up with my own little live dolls.
  3. Turning each of my two nephews into a clothes horse.
  4. Sitting in the floor and doing whatever they want to do.
  5. Simply sitting and watching them sleep.
  6. The sound of little feet running towards to door as I arrive.
  7. The smiling faces and sparkling eyes as the door opens and we see each other.
  8. Watching the gears turn in their heads when they try to decide on the restaurant for their birthday lunch with me.
  9. Seeing them happy with the smallest things.
  10. Watching them grow and becoming their friend.

Family is important to me.  As we age and these little ones mature, finish school, marry, travel the world, and become the adults that we hoped that they would become, the time that we spend together becomes more precious.

Now I’ll have a new partner for animated movies.  That’s not always a good thing.  I remember taking my nephew Joe to see a Pokémon movie when he was about three years old.  I wanted to poke myself in the eye with a pencil.  Time seemed to stand still.  But there have been tons of animated movies out over the last few years that I would have loved to see.  But, sadly, no one wanted to go with me.

I know lots of things about being an aunt.  The most important one is that it’s FUN!  Now I’ll be a Great Aunt.  Maybe a little older, a little wiser, and certainly a little slower.  But I do know that me and this little guy will have tons of fun.

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