The Over 50 Roller Coaster

Things are harder as you age.  Those extra pounds seem to hang on and hang on.  A hot flash can drive you outdoors naked on a cold winter day.  Where you roll around in the ice and snow just to find a little relief.  Things start to droop and sag.  Little gray hairs start to appear more and more.  You start to spend a little extra time on the hair color aisle, just wondering “Should I.”  You start wondering if you’re spending too much money on waxing.  Not to mention the hair that starts to sprout from places that should not have hair.  At least on a woman anyways.

Life over 50 is a roller coaster ride.  I’m not talking a fun roller coaster.  Where you stand in line, you’re happy, you’re with your friends.  You board the roller coaster.  You know the roller coaster.  You want to be on the roller coaster.  You paid to be on the roller coaster!!!!  The over 50 roller coaster comes out of no where, scoops you up and takes you on a wild ride you have no desire to be on.

Rollercoaster_4_tnbSince turning 50, I have had or at least continued to have in some cases, weight problems, heart problems, liver problems, a multitude of problems both major and minor.  There are some mornings that when I rise from my bed, I walk around like a 100 year old woman until I get all the kinks worked out.  Some evenings I just ache and need an electric blanket to find a little comfort.

About a week ago I had an appointment with the dermatologist.  I had a rash.  This particular rash I’ve had before.  I tried the things that the doctor had suggested in the past if it should return.  But these things did not seem to help and I felt like I need a prescription.   He examined me and thought I did too.  As an afterthought I brought to his attention a spot on my chin.  It was a bump  that had come up and wouldn’t go away.  I had tried everything.  Clearasil, antibacterial ointment, peroxide, alcohol.  It had been on my chin about 2 months.

He took one look at it and said “Oh that? That’s just a little wart.”  He picked up a canister, sprayed a couple of sprays and said “It may come back.”  About the time he said that he made eye contact with me.  I guess he noticed the look of disgust and revulsion and said “Don’t worry about it.  Lots of people get them.”

So now I have had a wart on my chin.  Yes, just like a witch.  And just as the doctor warned, I think it is returning.  <sigh>

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  1. Ok, I guess I needed a good laugh today, and yes, you made me laugh out loud. I thank you and don’t worry I am on the roller coaster with you.

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