Comforting Hands

When there is sickness or illness, I never know what to do.  I can send a card of encouragement, but beyond that I’m stymied.  I’m not really sure what to do.  I’m afraid of saying something inappropriate or doing something that makes the person uncomfortable.  In times like that I really wish I was more like my mother.

My mother is a caregiver.  Maybe it’s because she is the oldest girl in a very large family.  I don’t know.  But she has always been the sort of person that is there for you.  Whether you need help emotionally, physically, spiritually, or even monetarily.  She doesn’t even have to really know you personally. 

Since she retired nearly ten years ago she has stayed busy helping others.  She visits with the elderly and the sick in her church.  She has taken people to their doctor’s appointments.  She has sat with people in hospitals and nursing homes.  She has sat with Alzheimer patients so that their caregivers can have a day to them self.

When she walks into a hospital room she seems to know what to do to make the infirmed feel better.  Whether its making sure that they have plenty of ice water, putting lip balm on their lips, taking an oral swab, wetting it and swabbing the inside of someone’s mouth, or rubbing lotion, gently into their hands and arms.  She spreads peace and comfort where ever she goes.

I, on the other hand, can not do any of those things.  I’m sure if I tried to do any of those I would only make matters worse.  I’m a good listener.  I’m good at sending notes and letters of encouragement.  But when it comes to rolling up my sleeves and making a difference I just feel inadequate and ill prepared.

So hats off to those of you like my mother!  I wish I was.

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