Why I Love My Husband

I know some of you read that title and probably threw up just a little.  But I really do love my husband so very much.  Several years ago I read I Love You, Ronnie: The Letters of Ronald Reagan to Nancy Reagan.  It’s one of my favorites.  It gave me insight into the true romance between Ronald and Nancy Reagan.  What I’ve come to realize over time is love of that kind is hidden.  I don’t think it’s rare.  I just think its personal and private.  When we were younger we might have glimpsed it in our parent’s relationship or maybe even our grandparents.

I remember someonesoulmate telling me that love changes.  It evolves over time.  Whatever it was in the beginning, it becomes something else.  When I was told that I couldn’t comprehend what I was hearing.  It’s one of those things that you have to experience.

One thing that I have learned is you don’t recognize you soul mate upon that first meeting.  You may not even appreciate that you have found your soul mate when you walk down the aisle and pledge yourself to each other until “death do you part.”

A soul mate is hard work.  It takes two, you can’t do it by yourself.  I value and appreciate Doug and I know that he values and appreciates me.  How do I know?  Here’s a short list of how I know.

1.  He tries to please me

2.  He will ask me my opinion

3.  He cooks my dinner

4.  He compliments me (When I come home he holds my face in his hands and says “There’s that sweet face.”

5.  He slays the dragon (this includes all bugs and creepy crawly things)

6. He notices when I’m unhappy

7.  He laughs at me when I’m cranky

8.  When something breaks, he fixes it

9.  He often says “Sit down, I’ll do it.”

10.  He works hard

11. He sweeps the kitchen floor

12.  He looks forward to retiring with me

13.  He loves my mother

14.  He’s good company

15.  He enjoys the silence of my presence.

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