old_womanThere’s a stranger living in my house!  I think it’s an elderly woman.  I haven’t met her face to face, but I know she’s here.  I see evidence of her every where I turn.  She thinks she’s clever and that I haven’t noticed.  Oh But I Have!!

I see she has replaced my shoes with her own sensible and comfortable ones.  All my heels are gone and her shoes are now in their place.  Sometimes I feel like wearing a heel.  But now that she has made herself at home, I no longer have those choices.  Why I remember when I had a multitude of shoes.  However, when I look into my closet these days, I see only a black pair and a brown pair.  Both comfortable, but no heels.  There is also a pair of sneakers.  Any what do these have in them?  Arch supports!!!  Now we know that at my young age I have no need for arch supports.  Especially since this woman has left me with only plain sensible shoes.

She has left multiple bottles of facial moisturizers on my bathroom vanity.  There are eye creams, creams for the day, creams for the nights, and a wide variety of facial masks.  All of them to alleviate some different problem due to aging.  I guess she thinks youth can be found in a bottle.  I mean after all, how many different types of moisturizers does one old woman need?  I just go right ahead and use her stuff.  Lets me honest, there is no longer room for my drug store purchases.

But I really do think she is slowing taking over.  I see her shadow as she passes.  It shows her to be slightly stooped and she moves rather slowly.  Her shadow reminds me of my grandmother. Sometimes I jump nearly out of my skin when I catch her eye as I pass the mirror.

Sometimes when I catch her trapped in the mirror I will take a moment and look her over really well.  She occasionally has a stray hair that needs attention and I let her know.  I also tell her when I think its time to wax her eyebrows and maybe she ought to thinks about waxing that moustache of hers.  Sometimes I’m very brave and I tell her I don’t think all those creams of hers is helping at all.

She doesn’t pay much attention to me.  She seems to go about her business silently in my house.  She is slowly replacing my things with her own.  Luckily we wear the same size.