Diet, Weight loss, Health Update……..if you’re interested.

Today starts week #14 of my diet.  I have to admit I’ve slipped a bit the last couple of weeks.  The diet drinks have tried to weasel their way back in.  To be perfectly honest, the no sugar substitutes is a hard wagon to stay on.  But its a nearly 30 year addiction, so I slipped (again).  But back on to the wagon I crawl.

I’ve changed from a cereal in the morning to a protein drink with almond milk and strawberries.  Its easy and its something I can drink on the way to work.  Living over an hour away from work sometimes puts me in a time crunch in the morning.  So this has helped me out.  I eat a good lunch, usually something with chicken.  I generally have a yogurt for an afternoon snack.  Normally it is one of Yoplait’s 100 calorie Greek yogurts.  They are very tasty and only have 9 grams of sugar.  Then for supper I usually have a turkey sandwich or a bowl of Cheerios.  Its not exciting but it keeps me within my 1400 calories and within all the fat, sugar, carbs, proteins, etc.

I’m still using Everyday Health for my calorie counting.  It allows me to weigh in, enter my measurements, and get positive feed back.  I have found that I run into trouble when I blow this off for a day or two.  So the goal is to always journal what I’m eating regardless of what it is.  This will definitely make me think about the choices I make.

I am also walking.  The liver doctor told me that I need to walk a mile, five days a week.  Now that has been slow going.  Walking on the treadmill is boring.  But I bought a cheap pedometer and now just start walking.  We do have 50 acres, so finding a place is the easy part.  But its really hard to find the time to walk.  Saturday and Sundays are easy, but trying to squeeze in the other three days is complicated.  But I do get an hour for lunch.  So today I started walking during lunch.  This is actually a little fun.  The main problem I have with walking is that once I get about 1/2 a mile into the walk the inside arch of my foot starts to hurt really bad.  I’ve been told that I have a high arch.  So it looks like I need to invest in either some good walking shoes or some kind of insert.  I would welcome any and all advice on shoes.  I don’t mind spending a little money, because this looks like something I’ll be doing for the rest of my life.

I don’t go back to the doctor until November 12th.  Then I’ll find out the results of the blood test for the different diseases that can affect the liver.  I’m hoping that the test don’t turn up anything and that he is happy with the efforts I’m making in my diet and following his advise on the walking.  I’ve got my fingers crossed that the phrase “liver biopsy” never crosses his lips.

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