Enter the crazy one

Do you know someone who is a little off their rocker?  Maybe you know a couple of them.  I know I do.  Some of them are friends or family, some are just people you stumble across from time to time.  Like the lady at a Mexican restaurant who came in to pick up a phone in order.  While she was waiting she asked if she could sit with me and share my chips and hot sauce.  I politely declined.  Some are just a little goofy and may be just a little bit entertaining.  Some you’ve “heard” have a little problem, but maybe you’ve never witnessed it yourself.

But of all the crazy you may have witnessed in your lifetime, you have to admit that the hidden crazy is the scariest of all.  You know, that someone, who you had no idea was a little off their rocker.  They appeared to be your average, run of the mill, normal person.  Maybe someone that you considered a “somewhat” close friend.  Someone you trusted and then without warning they jumped right out of their normal accoutrements into “dingbat crazy.”

Well I know two people who are sisters.  One seems to have some sort of inferiority complex and the other one gave the impression of neighborly, friendly accessibility.  But she turned on me just like a rabid pet.  Like a puppy you had loved from years that maybe was bitten by a skunk, contracted rabies, and then turned on you.  Both of them I eventually cut completely off from me and I have to say at this point I’m much better off.

But occasionally my thoughts still turn to them from time to time.  Its one of those situations where there really is no turning back and I’m fine with that.  On the one hand I fell sort of bad for one sister.  She seems to have always felt, at least as far as I could see, that the world was against her.  After my discovery of the secret craziness of her sister, I’ve decided that her inferiority probably arises from a lifetime of belittlement and maybe just plain meanness from her sister.  But, unfortunately there is no going back for me.  When your only interactions with someone is trying to encourage or comfort them you become tired.  Sometimes I might need a little encouragement myself.

That brings me to the hidden crazy.  Maybe crazy is too harsh of a word.  Vindictive, hateful, malignant.  Those may be more accurate words from me.  Once they turn on you, they turn 180 degrees.  Once they sense you have put a little distance between yourself and them, they bombard you with calls, emails, or maybe texts.  When they don’t get the answers they want or feel they deserve that’s when they crazy becomes evident.  They text, email, or however they can reach you to tell  you crazy stories for some reason.  That part I haven’t really figured out yet.  Stories that for some reason they feel will make you feel ashamed of your treatment of them.  Then finally, because you have remained silent, they cease to bother you and move on.

But these stories they tell are blatant lies.  Crazy, silly lies.  You can’t hardly believe that they would think you are dumb enough to believe any of it.  I could share some of this in detail.  But I’ve decided to keep that to myself.  But I have saved all correspondence.  A bit of advice, if you’re angry or upset with someone don’t send emails, texts, or letters.  These can be used to prove your temporary insanity if need be.

It may take me awhile to make a decision.  But once I’ve made a decision, its mine.  I own it and I stick with it.  Even if we were somehow able to iron all of this past “stuff” out, I would still keep my distance.  I wish ill for no one.  (Except maybe the thief.) BUT, once the damage is done, there is no going back.  I’m sure they would have their own tale to tell and that’s perfectly understandable.

But I do not care for controversy and bickering.  I avoid stress as much as possible.  There is another person that I avoided for some time.  It was a little hard, because we worked together.  I unfriended her and blocked her on Facebook.  We are on somewhat good terms now.  When you see someone daily its worth the effort to be little lenient.  But I won’t make the mistake of being her friend.  I like to think I learn and retain more information as I get older.  So that bridge is burned.

But I keep my eye open for crazy now.  Sometimes its hard to see.  But if you are quiet, listen, and pay attention sometimes you can see it out of the corner of your eye.  Just beware and listen to your heart or it may just jump up and bite you right in the ass.

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