Where have all the journalist gone?

I remember when Fort Worth and Dallas each had two newspapers.  Now all we have are the Fort Worth Star Telegram and the Dallas Morning News.  I haven’t seen a Dallas newspaper in years, but I have recently picked up a Fort Worth Star Telegram and I have to say I’m disappointed.

The actual news portion of the paper continues to shrink and the price of the paper continues to go up.  There is very little news in the newspaper.  There is also very little news on the television.  Sure we have plenty of  “24 hours news stations”.  Most of these are not really news reporting journalistic style shows.  Rather, they are show after show of opinions.  The people on these shows, for the most part, aren’t reporting real information that they have uncovered or researched.  They are simply scheduling people who will either agree or disagree with their own slanted views.  Depending on whether they want “fireworks” or not depends upon whether the guest or other “journalist” agrees or disagrees with them.

There may be a few real journalist out there.  I’m just not sure where they are.  Maybe on our local televised news.  But even that I’m starting to wonder about.  I switched from one morning news station to another because the one I had been watching seemed to be more geared towards entertainment and promoting there own prime time line up for the evening.  But they all seem to get a little more “fluffier” all the time.  With the advent of social networking sites, more and more local stations are directing you to their Facebook or Twitter accounts to “give your opinion” or “tell us what you think”.

Everything seems to be based on sensationalism and the news story of the day, rather than real true news coverage.  I guess that’s because that is what the general population wants.  We seem to thrive on controversy and debates, rather than the desire to know hard facts.

I for one don’t need some talking head who’s main concern is hawking their wares and amassing an even larger fortune than they already have telling me what I should think about any particular outcome, issue, or result of anything.  Nor do I care what Bill from Burleson, or Carol from Cleburne has to comment on any thing in particular either.

Maybe its our own fault that the real art of journalism has declined in recent years.  Maybe we are no longer interested in the facts.  Maybe all we want is an outlet for our own frustrations and opinions.  Maybe we are seeking some kind of validation for our own discriminations and preceptions.

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  1. Be glad you’re not subjected to “Good Day, L.A.” which is what we have on our local Fox station out here. Steve Edwards, Dorothy Lucey, and Jillian Reynolds spend more time laughing at each other and cutting up than reporting anything. Jillian used to be the station’s party girl. Until she got married, she would show up to do the weather in the same clothes she partied in the night before. And bring her stupid little accessory dog to sit on the desk. It’s a travesty. I always dreamed of writing a newspaper or magazine column, but not like that. Are you FB friends with Pam Brooks? She is the widow of the Star-Telegram’s long time entertainment columnist, Elston Brooks. She has many interesting stories to tell. Love your blog, Anna.

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