Things that scare me.

  • The Dark – Yes, I am a grown woman, but I’m just a little bit afraid of the dark.  When I get home late and its dark outside I’m always just a little afraid when I have to get out of the car and close the gate.  I hear rustling in the trees and I imagine a wild pig or a bobcat just waiting for the moment it can pounce on me.  I also do not care for walking from one end of the house to the other in the dark.  I imagine vampires and other crazy things just waiting for me.  When I step out on the deck at night I can feel something watching me in the darkness.
  • Flat tires – This is a new fear.  New cars do not come with a spare.  They did this to reduce the weight and to get better gas mileage.  So instead of even a donut, they come with some kind of canister that you are suppose to use to inflate your tire until you get somewhere to get it fixed.  What happens if you have a blow out?  You call a tow truck.  I guess I should get Doug to show me where this canister is so that I can find it if I ever need it.
  • Stuff in the water – I don’t care if its fish, turtles, snakes, sharks, sting rays or whatever.  I don’t like getting in the water and knowing that there just may be something lurking under the surface.  I don’t like fish nibbling on my toenail polish or turtles swimming towards me in the middle of the lake.  I won’t even go into what is lurking in the ocean.  But in the future I will stay on the beach or at the pool (where I can see what’s in there).
  • Worms – I’m not afraid of many bugs.  I’ll swat them, spray them, or let them be, depending upon what they are.  But show me a worm and I’ll run off screaming.  I feel the same way about caterpillars and such, but I’m able to keep my terror on the inside.  But let me dig in the garden or come across a worm and all hell breaks loose.  I can’t tell you why.  I know they aren’t going to chase me down.  But when I come across when I go back into the house out of harms way.
  • Hypocrites & Gossips – These people scare me because sometimes you don’t know who they are until you have unburdened yourself to them or been sucked in by them.  Then “WHAM”, before you know it they have knocked you in the head and are running around in circles shouting from the mountain tops what they feel are your iniquities and misdeeds.  Taking anything you have said and twisting it to fit their own absurd points of view.
  • Radicals – Doesn’t matter if its religious, political or whatever.  They are like a dog with a bone.  There is no reasoning or discussion of any kind.  Its their way every time, all the time.  Radicals are like members of a brainwashed cult.  I’m willing to listen and have even changed my mind on subjects.  But people who are blindly following anything scare the baloney out of me for sure.  They make for a scary world, all the way around.

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