Just to set the record straight.

It use to be if you wanted news or information you turned on your radio, your television, or you picked up a newspaper or magazine.  These mediums covered local, national, political, entertainment, and just about anything else you could possibly think of.  Then the internet arrived.  I couldn’t tell you when it happened, but now my local paper has shrunk, the local news is more of a 30 minute commercial for their programming, along with some salacious tidbits of information and the national news media seems to pander to either one side of the political aisle or the other or they jump on whatever subject is trending on the internet at the moment.

Back when you got your information the “old fashioned” way, you would discuss the days events with your family, coworkers, and friends in a civilized, appreciative manner.  You might not always agree with each other, but you valued the other point of view as well.

But today’s modern discussions are found in the “comment” section of the articles found on the internet.  This is where someone who hasn’t even bothered to read the article decides to stir up a little trouble or present misinformation.  This is where people, who don’t even know each other, make personal attacks on another poster because they think differently.  This is where people change the topic or bring in topics that have nothing to do with the subject in any way shape or form.  This is where Liberals attack Conservatives and Conservatives attack Liberals.  This is where Christians attack non-Christians and they attack Christians.  All of this may be on an article simply about Valentine’s Day or baseball.  I try to stay away from the comment section because it really serves no purpose other than to let some grown people act like children.

But I can’t help myself.  I find myself reading comments time and time again.  For the most part the comments stay on topic and can even make succinct points.  But the real ugliness, the lies, the misinformation, the agenda eventually rears its head somewhere.  So last week I make a comment on Facebook, part of which read:  “I have really got to quit reading ignorant, uninformed, and biased comments.”  A few days later I was told on another status by someone  I believe while discussing an issue related to abortion, Anna recently referred to those with whom she disagreed as ignorant, uninformed and biased.”   WRONG!!!  I have never posted anything about abortion on Facebook or in other forum.  It was brought up on my previous post by someone else.  For what reason I really don’t know.  But I have never commented on someone else’s view on abortion.  Nor have I ever referred to someone who disagrees with me as “ignorant or uninformed.”  My view on abortion is very complicated and is not easily pigeonholed into either Pro-Life or Pro-Choice.

So you tell me, are the following comments ignorant, uninformed, or biased:

On our local Fox 4 news:  66-yr-old Dallas Officer Ronald Workman still has a bullet lodged in his jaw — the same bullet that ricocheted off the microphone of his radio that was clipped to his lapel.   A comment below the article:  Why the hell do we have 66 year old police on patrol??

On a Yahoo article about a news anchor bending to kiss a dog that she had never interacted with and requiring 70 stitches.  Comment:  Best way to shut up a Jew, sick a dog on them. 2 Scooby Snacks for the dog…good boy Fito.

An article on New Jersey 100 Year olds celebrate love on valentine’s day.  Comment:  SAVOR THIS! If Owebamacare kicks in we won’t see this again. THESE PEOPLE ARE TOO OLD TO RECEIVE CERTAIN MEDICAL CARE UNDER THE NEW HEALTHCARE GUIDELINES. They would be DEAD! Obama’s next project to protect the elderly:

An article on Josh Powell’s papers being found at a Washington recycling site:  Comment:  The Powell and Cox families are…. wait for it…. Mormons. Next time they come to my door, I will tell them to GTFO. They, like Mitt Romney, seemed so nice and well-adjusted on the outside, but something dark dwells within. Stay away from that cult!

So that was my point in the post.  I wasn’t thinking of any one article or topic in particular.  It was just after browsing the internet and getting sucked back into the comments I was once again repelled by the callousness of people in general.  Generally when discussing a topic face to face people stay on topic and don’t resort to name calling and belittling.  But there are millions of people out there with internet access and I guess if they want to post their ramblings they certainly have the right.  But I think I also have the right to complain about it if I so choose.

So if I happen to post something and you think its about you, chances are its not.  You have no idea what’s going on with me, what I’m doing, what I’m reading or who I am interacting with.  Don’t assume anything about me, chances are you really don’t have any idea.

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