Why I feed the birds.

In the winter the landscape turns grey and dull.  The pastures are brown, the trees are barren of leaves.  The cold wind blows and I don’t want to go  outside.  But I learned long ago that I can attract activity and beauty even at this bleak time of the year.  I do this simply with a sack of bird seed.

At first it was just a simple bird feeder and a small bag of seed.  But over the years it has grown to a couple of pretty large feeders and several suet feeders scattered through the yard, along with a decent sized bird bath.  In the Spring the suet feeders are replaced with hummingbird feeders.  Thistle seed, black oiled sunflower seed, and a good general bird seed is always stocked in our barn.  This is the first year I’ve put out suet feeders.  I started with one and I’ve added 3 more.  Watching the woodpecker on the birdfeeder is what brought about the suet feeders.  But the black capped chickadees seemed to like it as well, so I added more with other types of suet for them.

I can look out my kitchen window, my sliding glass door, or simply sit on the deck and watch the birds interact with each other.  Its peaceful and gives me a sense of satisfaction.  Watching the birds flit from tree branches, to the bird feeder, and back to the branches tends to drown out the roar of the world and its crazy complicated issues.

Somehow, Doug and I have created an oasis for us here.  We didn’t set out to do anything but to try and build a place for us to retire to.  But somehow this place has become a wellspring of happiness, contentment, and peace.  But its not neccessarily this place, its the relationship we have with each other and the life that surrounds us here.  I say its not this particular spot, because I know that we could pack up and move somewhere else and the contentment would be the same.

In a world where people are running around in circles, trying to drive a car to impress, live in a house to impress, go to places to impress, say the politically correct things, I will dwell here in my hideaway and feed my birds and enjoy the peace and happiness that they bring to me.

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