Me and My Windchimes

I love my wind chimes.  I only wish I had more.  After all, three really isn’t very many at all.  I have two out in the yard that I brought when we moved.  Doug put them waaayyyy out in the yard, because he says they get on his nerves.  At the old house we had a smaller yard and he actually fixed them to where they made no noise at all.  But now they all happily make noise together.

I have one wind chime that is about 2 feet long and has a lizard that swings from the bottom. Its my favorite in its own unique way.  I have another one that I bought at the same time that is triangular and has the sun emblem at the bottom. Both of these I bought at the Import Store downtown.  The last one I bought at Trade Days in Bowie.  I like them because I thought it was unique since it was made from teaspoons and used a fork as the middle part holding it all together.










This last one I bought at trade days in Bowie a few years back.  I liked it because it was made out of teaspoons and used a fork as the main piece holding everything together.  It gets tangled up when the wind blows and I have to sit down and untangle it.  But I always smile when I hang it back up.

I like to have things in the yard.  We also have a pretty good size bird bath, a bird feeder, and a suet feeder.  Doug and I both always look forward to hanging out the hummingbird feeders.  I also have a face on a tree as you come up my drive.  It has faded and probably needs to be replace.

I’m a little weird, I guess.  What I’ve really always wanted to do, but it would require Doug’s help and I don’t think he would approve.  I wish I had electricity up and down my drive.  I don’t know if anyone remembers the boat ride at Six Flags.  I think it was LaSalle’s, but not 100% sure.  You rode the boat down a river and things would spin, play music, and come out towards you.  I would really like something like that on my driveway.  Welcome signs to flash, Mariachi’s to play, animated things to wave and greet you.  In fact there use to be an import store on 7th street that had three great big mariachis on top of the building.  I wanted those real BAD!!  But I figured they were expensive and I would have to buy one at a time and tie it to the top of my car to get it home.

So now you know.  I am completely crazy and have lost my mind.  I don’t think I’ve ever told any one my plan for the driveway.  I guess its just a pipe dream, but if I ever win the lottery I’m having an animated driveway.  In the mean time, I try to stay away from garden gnomes, cement animals, and plastic rocks.

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