New Attitude (I Think)

If you didn’t notice when you landed here, I have found a new home for my blog, So if you were following me on I would certainly appreciate you following me here.  I really hated leaving blogspot, because over the past year I’ve built up stats and pages views. By moving I’m having to start all over again.  But I was able to migrate all my past post and comments to this new site.  So we will just wait and see how this works.

I developed a problem with someone who can’t seem to understand that when I’m done, I’m done.  Since this is a public blog, odds are I can still be found if someone so desires.  But this blogs requires a name and an email address in order to leave a comment, so I’m hoping that will at least do away with the anonymous comments anyways.

Doug has helped a lot by throwing away stuff that arrived in the mail unopened.  He has made me realize that I need to hit delete and not read certain eamils.  He doesn’t put up with bullshit and drama.  I, however, sometimes have the tendency to wallow in it.  Especially when someone is twisting the truth, adding events, and using others against me.  I have the very strong desire to point at their falsehoods and double talk.

But I realize now that some people, whether it be mental or just plain meanness, will never admit their transgressions or admit their faults.  So from this day forward I will just simply try to ignore them.  The people who really matter to me know what kind of person I am.  I don’t need to explain myself to them.  Some may think I’ve been whispering to other family members and have insinuated that I have drove a wedge between them.  But, besides Doug, I have only talked about the details of this can worms to my mother and my sister.  I think I am entitled to that.

They accuse me of using this blog to say what I want.  Well yes I do, I use this blog to talk about what’s on my mind, memories that pop up, world events, and a multitude of other things.  All of these things are my memories, my opinions, my outlooks.  They belong to me and I like to share them.  You may not always agree with what I have to say, your memories may be different, and that’s okay.  I do like discussions and  I enjoy a healthy debate.

I will make a better effort to not let the words and actions of others influence me or affect how I react to things around me.  Its hard to lose a friend, all in all I lost a total of 12 friends in the last month.  But if you take into consideration the gossip and backstabbing it really isn’t a loss at all.  You can’t allow negative forces to overtake you.  I have lost enough sleep, I have cried enough tears, and I have spent enough time running the past through my mind.

So let’s be happy, put a smile on our face, and be happy that we have surrounded ourselves with only happy, positive, people.


  1. Well i do hope this helps you continue your blog since there are happy positive people that do like to see what is one your mind…..

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