Wine . . . . . and why I really don’t need four more reasons

How about a blog about a blog??  Yesterday I read a post titled “Four ways to enjoy more wine in 2012”.  I read the title and wondered what could they be.

The first one was visit a wine store you’ve never been to before.  What I would really like to do is visit a wine store on my day off.  It seems like every time I stock up, I do it on my lunch hour.  But to be honest with you, I really don’t have any idea what I’m doing.  I simply stroll down the aisles, look at what’s on sale and pick a couple of bottles of white and a couple of bottles of red.  But I would really like to find a place that had a sommelier that could relate to where I’m coming from and my limited knowledge.  I mean I know what I like, but I would like to know what it is about them that brings me back to them.  I read the descriptions, but they don’t mean a lot to me.  Fruity, woodsy, citrus, berries…….I really don’t know.

I really liked the second suggestion, “Keep a journal”.  What a wonderful idea.  I’ve never thought to keep a journal.  I have this new Kindle Fire and I’m sure I can find an app for keeping a wine journal.  I’m a journal kind of person so this is a really good idea for me.  For instance, one year my sister-in-law sent me a really good bottle of Bordeaux.  Before that I never really cared for red wines.  But I enjoyed it so much that I searched out other bottles of red that I liked.  Believe me a lot went down the drain, but I found many that I enjoyed.  Especially with a meal.  But I could not tell you what brand of wine it was.  Is that even the correct way to say it?  Brand?

The third suggestion was “Explore a new wine region.”  This is also a suggestion I will certainly take.  I always look to see where the wine is coming from and enjoy trying different wines from around the world.  That’s something else I can keep up with in my new wine journal.  France, Italy, Portugal, Germany, Spain, Australia, Chili, Argentina, Brazil.  Its like you’ve traveled the world simply by sipping from your wine glass.

The last suggestion was drink local.  I know here in Texas we have a booming wine business.  There are wineries all over the state.  I would like to try more of these, as well as wines from other parts of the United States.  There is even a winery (Lightcatchers Wine & Bistro) close to where I use to live off of FM 1886.  It sounds like a good place to spend an evening.  Here is a huge list of Texas Wineries.  

Usually I stroll the aisle and maybe the label will remind me that I’ve had that before and liked it.  I normally purchase wines based on past experience, price, name, and what the label looks like.  Most of these are ignorant reasons to buy a wine.  Except maybe for past experience and price.  I really don’t mind spending a little money on a bottle of wine.  But I hesitate because I really don’t want to pour out an expensive, but nasty bottle of wine.

Here’s the link to the original article from yesterday, if you are interested.  I think its a Facebook app and you might have to allow it.  But its just the Washington Post Social Reader.  Four ways to enjoy more wine in 2012 

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